Thursday, 17 November 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

So... a few days ago last week was my birthday.

It was soooo awkward. But, really fun and exciting in a way. I got presents from both parents, and my friends all got me something as well.

That EXTREMELY CLEAR AWESOME ARTSY SHOW-OFF-ISH PHOTO was taken by my new camera!!! If only it can take photos of itself... !!

And this blurry blurry photo was taken from my dsi camera.
Oh well...
If you look near the centre bottom, you will see my chio camera.
(lol, probably the first time a camera is called chio)

Me2: Awwww... I feel sorry for the dsi camera. Being dissed infront of its rival as well... the AWESOME PINK NIKON CAMERA!!

Yes, I am aware everything in that photo has pink.

Pink is a sweet color. :)

The photoframe, nailpolish and pen holder (wtf, I forgot what it is called) was from my friends. As well as the pens inside the pen-holder.

The mega-cute pink heart cushion is from mummmyyyyyy >< ILY!!!

And the camera was from dadddyyyy >< ILY 2!!!



Wednesday, 16 November 2011


I was wondering...
say you were some sort of hero (or hero-ess?).
now, you could save 1000 people by sacrificing 100.

would you do it?

is it morally RIGHT?

once you have decided to do it, will you feel guilty forever?

but, if you were in the sacrificial 100 group what would you feel?
To be honest, I would feel scared and sulky. :P
But, during my last moments, I will feel... prideful... I suppose. I will feel happy that my life has been put to good use. After all, with my one life, I had saved 10 others.

What if you were part of the 1000 people saved?
I would feel soooo totally guiltyyyy!!!!!

So is the 'operation-to-save-1000-by-sacrificing-100' good or bad?

Wtf, whyyy the hell am I talking about this?

Bye ^^

Sunday, 13 November 2011

heliocentric or geocentric?

fiiinallly, I have finished 0.000001 part of PART 1 ONLY.

so it is part of this assignment named heliocentric or geocentric and it is very very annoying and ffing hard.

part 1 includes:
~history of the models
~problems with geocentric model
~discoveries to convine people of heliocentric model
~why heliocentricism was fiercely opposed
~the BEST diagrams (literally says so on sheet)

and then, there is part 2
this has to have:
~outline ideas of ATLEAST one other culture regarding space and our place in it
~list of sources

It has to be 4-6 A4 pages.

OMG, I just realised I stopped using proper puctuation. Must maintain formality. Punctuation.

I have done 1 page- just the history thing in part 1.

Oh yes,
there are frickin bonus marks for a timeline.

Which means everyone in my class will do it (they are all nerds). Which means I will have a relatively lower mark if I don't. Which means I MUST do it.

ffing bloody hell.

I do not have any hint of bad language. :P

Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Vengeful Rapunzel

Once upon a time, there was a pretty young princess of the country Aevyan. She had long, flowing golden hair, and stunning, sparking blue eyes. However, she was a petty and petulant as well, and was often quite sulky and vengeful. She lived in a castle near the sea.

One chill night, invaders came from across the ocean. Though there were plenty of soldiers protecting the country, they were ill-trained, as the country had been in peace for generations. The invading army, from Midafore, easily conquered the rich country. In that night, the king and queen both died.

The princess, called Phaerya, was shocked. The princess was out sulking in a secluded cottage when the attack happened. She developed a deep, bitter loathing for Midafore, and vowed revenge.

~~~two years passed~~~

Phaedra was taking care of herself in the cottage. It wasn't hard, since the cottage had enough food to last ten people for a century. There was a small stream nearby, which she used to take water from. However, since no-one was there to do her hair, her hair grew much much longer.
A handsome young nobleman's parents just died to an assassin. He had been following misleading clues to find the assassin, and he arrived as Phaeya's cottage. So he knocked on the door, and demanded that it be opened.

Phaedra decided that her time for revenge has come. She coated her long hair in a lethal poison which seeps through skin. The poison cannot be cured, and is fatal to anyone who even faintly touches it. Just as she finished, someone knocked on the door. It was a handsome young man, from Midafore's nobility. She put gloves on, and hanged her hair out of the window.

The young man grew impatient. Suddenly, he spotted movement inside the house. Looking into the window, he spotted a mirror, reflecting a beautiful young girl/woman. She was hanging her hair out the window, and he raced to catch the tip before it touched the ground. He snatched it up just as the stunning girl turned around.

They both fell in love at first sight. Then, Phaedra glanced down and saw the young noble holding her hair. "No..." she wailed.

Phaedra told the nobleman's son that her hair was poisoned. He immediately recoiled, as she continued to listlessly describe the poison's properties. Then the man's eyes hardened.

"I thought I found true love. But no. Now I get it. That poison was the same which YOU used TO KILL MY PARENTS!" he shouted.

"What...? I had never left this secluded place since Midafore's invasion of Aevyan... you accuse me...?" whimpered the girl.

"So be it." With those final words, the man reached into his coat, and took out a fine, gilded dagger. He thrust it into Phaedra's chest.

So obviously, the couple both died. Sucked in, Rapunzel/Phaedra. :P

hehe, I know, sucky story...
but gloating is fun >:D

So, i watched Tangled on the internet. That girl looked soooo totally prettyy with her hair long and blonde.

However, her short brown hair is so ugly. It makes her look 10 years older, and give the impression of her being a retarded monkey.

Eww. Short hair is sooo over-rated.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

maths test tmrow.
gotta study.